5 Ways to Teach Closed Syllables

Closed syllables are a type of syllable where the word ends in a consonant. Examples of closed syllables include words like “men” and “sit.” Here are five ways to teach closed syllables to students.

  1. Closed syllable worksheet – Students can cut and paste syllable and word endings to decide if the syllables are open or closed. This helps them discover new words, sounds, and syllables.
  2. Puzzles – Putting different sounding syllables into various puzzle pieces is a fun and interactive way for students to understand syllables and how different parts of a word come together.
  3. Word cards – On each card will be a word and students will break up syllables in the word and decide if the word is closed. This helps them to understand and break down parts of a word.
  4. Letter tiles – Have students make words using individual letter tiles to understand what letters make up syllables and how they come together
  5. Matching games – Students can match together the two halves of a word and decide if the syllables are closed or not.

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